The Escapist Hacked Money and Health

The Escapist Hacked Money and Health
  • Name: The Escapist Hack
  • Type: Cheat Codes
  • Download required: NO
  • OS: Android and iOS

hack The Escapist is an exciting game in which you have to be in the skin of a prisoner who is persistently trying to escape one of the strictest prisons in the world. Life behind bars, the severity of supervisors, like the chosen appearance of your hero, changes in every new episode of the game. Severe prison routine is subject to strict daily routine, which can not be violated. If your hero can not escape, you can save and load the current progress. Forbidden items you can hide from friends, throw or lower in the restroom.

And you could get a lot more fun with this game if you had unlimited resources, such as Money and Health. Am I wrong? Just imagine it. And you can achieve this if you use the The Escapist Hack. Interested? Ok, then that's all Cheats, which we have to hack The Escapist.

In fact, this can not even be called "Hacking", since these cheats are completely legal, and they are used to enable developers to test the game, but fortunately in many cases we manage to get these cheat codes.

For your work you get loyalty to jailers and money, which allows you to buy the things you need, such as weapons. Becoming faster and more enduring will help you train on sports simulators, and you will be more clever when reading books, watching TV or the Internet.

By the way, those Cheats for The Escapist, about which we wrote above, you can use and absolutely do not worry about the fact that you can be banned, because they are not prohibited in any way. And more interestingly - do you represented a situation in which you have Money in any amount , as well as Health in the hacked The Escapist. The acquired skills will allow the hero The Escapist to invent more complex tools for the implementation of the escape. Also, you can provide some services (for example, to distract the supervisor, someone to beat or get anything) to his cellmates in order to preserve their favorable attitude to you.

The Escapist Hack is carried out by means of these Cheats:

Do you want to get unlimited Money? And if you do, you can use this Hack Code "GGi-1e882d20f2"

One more very important thing is Health. To hack Health in The Escapist use this Cheat - "Ols-0161752514"

If you don't know how to enter Cheat Codes in The Escapist, you will read about it below.

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Undoubtedly, you can work diligently, carry out the instructions of cellmates or something they have to buy. But The Escapist Hack is interesting because you can invent more effective ways of escape, for example, by increasing the speed and endurance of your hero, by calculating and beating guards, which will provoke general unrest and allow your hero to easily exit through the main goal.

As for the game The Escapist, cheats for Money and everything else is very easy to use.

Moreover, it can be said the coolest way to hack The Escapist, because in order to do this you do not need to do anything else except enter the Cheat Codes into the game.

And if you've heard of such a thing as Root or Jailbreak, you need not become involved in any of the details, because this The Escapist Hack works even without them.

You can also get the uniform of the jailer from one of the prisoners and wait for a big check, on which the big prison chief will arrive. Change into uniform and leave the zone unhindered as his escort.

To escape, you can also arrange trenches, use trucks, crawl through the ventilation shafts and much more. But this requires more effort and more time. In The Escapist Cheats there are some disadvantages. For example, a considerable amount of time is spent navigating and searching for additional tasks. The search for solutions is sometimes not obvious and requires considerable attention and ingenuity from you. The game is translated into Russian and in general, after the initial training, the game process is not complex.

How to enter Cheat Codes in The Escapist?

To answer this question, we created a video guide where everything is described in detail - video guide. This is the official site of cheats for mobile games, and only on this site you can learn how to enter Cheats in The Escapist.

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